Let’s get your team connected for good

We’re a nonprofit organization that believes God loves people. And has a plan to help them. The despair growing in our Pacific Northwest is not part of that plan. But you are. We help local professionals use their available hours wisely right in their own communities to create hope for people who need it most.

They bring the need.
You bring the volunteers

The problems growing in our communities are not standalone issues. Neglect leads to substance abuse leads to poverty leads to homelessness leads to hunger. The challenges are interconnected. To change the downward cycle, shouldn’t the relief agencies and volunteers be connected, too?

Strategic goals for 2021


Each volunteering once per quarter


Raised to support nonprofit partners


Each volunteering
at least once per

Hours / month

From volunteers

Connecting volunteers from local businesses with nonprofits doing more good

New Horizons has one priority: Meet youth where they are.

Jubilee REACH creates an inclusive community among students.

Offering hope, services, and support to individuals ready to commit to change.

Encouraging transformation through community support

Providing quality physical and spiritual training to athletes and their families

Dedicated to the prevention of child abuse, the treatment and education of at-risk children, and preserving the family.

Pairing at-risk youth with rescued horses.

Sharing local healthcare resources worldwide.

Why businesses like yours?


Where do you spend most of your waking hours? At work, organizing projects, and helping customers find more value. You improve lives. But many people in your community are not your customer. And they’ve forgotten how valuable they are. When teams like yours volunteer, it becomes a superpower of amazing change. And it helps your team, as well.

Our history:
Where did this road start?

We started back in 2007 with a team in Guatamala. It changed us for life. We want to help others experience that change, as well.

Our team


Our leaders have seen many businesses become powerful engines for good. And our board and financial partners are from the communities served.

Our values

  • Be honest and authentic
  • Honor God with every part of your life
  • Show humility to all, and courage in action
  • Empower those who can’t
  • Carry enough hope to share


Our plan for creating value

We organize people and business resources to partner with nonprofits that can transform the lives of each participant.


What mission success looks like

To transform the business community by mobilizing it to restore hope, dignity and significance to those in need.