The big problems in our community are interconnected

This is Mary, enslaved in a life she doesn’t want

Her plight began long before she left her home. Left alone, unsupervised and disconnected from family, she was easily lured into the lie of a better relationship. Not having experienced anything but brokenness from a young age, true, healthy relationships were unrecognizable to her.

This is Michael, a skilled carpenter

That’s a valuable trade in Seattle’s housing economy. But now he’s homeless. It began when he got hooked on methamphetamines. To stay high, he sacrificed the trust of his family. Then, one by one, he stole from each of his friends who were willing to offer a couch or spare room. A trail of broken relationships eventually left him on the street.

A marketplace to partner for good

Homelessness, hunger, substance abuse, mental health, poverty, crime. What is common across all of these challenges? Often, a broken relationship. Special skills are required to meet these challenges. That’s where the nonprofits come in. But each person involved needs a new bridge built to another person. That’s where you come in.


A greater purpose than one solution

Many companies offer blind donations to their causes. And they change every year. It feels more like a game of whack-a-mole than a strategic approach to create lasting change.

Liberty Road Foundation identifies opportunities with strategic nonprofits that have a history of success across two categories that bring the most impact:

Each nonprofit brings unique skills in their particular domain, and is successful at leading volunteers in safe, valuable engagements. We help you extend the capabilities and resources of each nonprofit, to bring hope and significance, one soul at a time.

Join the road to positive change

It’s the after-school sport program that leads to healthy relationships. And helps prevent high-school truancy, gang activity, and teen pregnancy.

It’s the community center that exposes the challenges of broken families and underemployment. New relationships lead to new opportunities.

It’s the medical supplies that are sent from Puget Sound to supply doctors in Morocco and beyond. These relationships reduce the walls of politics and prejudice.

Ready to volunteer?

Our new volunteer system is coming in early 2020. Right now, an email is all you need to get started.