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Olive Crest

Child abuse stops here®

Olive Crest is dedicated to the prevention of child abuse, the treatment and education of at-risk children, and preserving the family.

Restoring lives & preserving the family

Here in Washington, there are 10,665 children in the child welfare system. Every one of these precious kids needs a strong family to protect and nurture them, and give them hope for a bright future. Together we can put a stop to child abuse and ensure that families are whole, children are protected, and the cycle of abuse is broken.

Isolation. Poor coping skills. Brokenness. So many families and parents turn to old patterns and learned behaviors passed down through generations This results in continued abuse and a seemingly never-ending cycle. But it can be stopped when people work together.

  • Become a foster parents
  • Provide respite support
  • Cook a meal for a foster family
  • Volunteer at an event
  • Donate to Olive Crest

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Lily’s Adoption

Walter’s story

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