“Thank you to LRF Supporters who donated in last year’s 8th Annual Charity Auction’s FUND A NEED.  Your donations helped sponsor teams for JRC’s Club Jubilee Sports Program.”

Story from a Club Jubilee Coach:

Before practice, all players put their flags on as part of their uniform.  One of my 6th graders, fooling around, began pulling them off and disruptively waiving them in the face of an 8th grader.  I asked the 6th grader to put his flags back in the bag.  That was the rule, if you play around with your flags, you lose them. He silently obeyed.  Later, as we began drills that required flags, the 6th grader started crying because he couldn’t participate.  Using this as a teaching moment, I stopped the drills to ask all students what it means when someone cries, especially boys, who often learn that crying is a sign of weakness. I told them instead, it shows great courage to express emotions in front of the team.  Additionally, I commended them that this team has created an atmosphere where we can express ourselves and be open with one another.

After wind sprints, the same 6th grader came up and thanked me for disciplining him. I asked him why. He told me he had been goofing off his entire life and he would have continued to mess around on the team if he had not been disciplined for it. I was impressed with this boy’s attitude and told him that he shouldn’t be thanking me but his teammate. I called the 8th grader over and the 6th grader thanked him and told him what he had told me. The 8th grader was also shocked.

As a team we learned what it means to keep each other accountable and what disciplining out of love, rather than anger, looks like.  Since the incident, the 6th grader has shown much more responsibility and dedication to his team at practice and also during school. He ensures his friends are taken care of as he holds them and himself to a higher level of responsible behavior and accountability.

Middle School is the time in life when kids are making choices that may forever set the course for their life.  Many of our society’s biggest issues manifest in middle school.  The temptation to use drugs, alcohol, sex, to bully and engage in gang activity, begin at this vulnerable age.  Jubilee REACH serves the sweet spot in helping kids make choices that will forever change their lives, helping kids associate getting good grades with getting to college and getting a good paying job.  Club Jubilee coaches and mentors fill the gap and set life skills and goals for students to aspire to.  Through building relationships, earning trust, inviting kids to become part of something greater than self, a team, a band and after school club, Jubilee REACH is building community, character and inspiring futures on positive pathways.

  • Participation in football doubled over the previous year from 98 to 196.
  • Big Picture, the middle school for hands on learning had their first football team ever!
  • Odle overcame adversity and early season challenges to make the Championship, as team effort and endurance overcame adversity winning in four-overtimes.
  • Football ended strong with 300 students from each school celebrating together at the End of Season Banquet.

Football Survey Results:

91% of Students say Club Jubilee has helped them in school and 80% say their grades have improved because of Club Jubilee

96% students say Club Jubilee has been a good experience and 98% students say Club Jubilee has helped them make friends.