Hi Everyone,

It was just yesterday that our kitchen stove had  a meltdown of its electrical wires. An emergency message was sent out to all of you. God has always been faithful to our needs. The response to the call was no less than overwhelming. Within a few hours we had not one but 5 offers to help with a new stove!

This morning a new stove was donated by John F. Buchan Homes, delivered and installed. It is ready to go! Thank you Buchan Homes and  Arnold Appliances for your quick response to our need.

We want to thank everyone else who also reached out to help. It is so wonderful to know that when Jubilee Reach has difficulties, we will be so quickly and completely blessed by the love and care of the people who surround its mission and will not let it even stumble for a day.

God Bless,

Lorrie Tatum

Community Hospitality Coordinator

Jubilee Reach Center