“Then you shall come in and shut the door behind you and your sons, and pour into all these containers; and you shall set aside what is full.” So she left him and shut the door behind her and her sons; they began bringing the containers to her, and she poured the oil.
2 Kings 4:4-5 NASB

In this story of Elijah and the widow in 2 Kings 4, the widow’s husband had died and the creditors were coming to take her two sons to be slaves. Elisha is instructing her to borrow many vessels, then go into her house and shut the door behind her. In fact, he tells her to shut the door behind her two different times. Perhaps there are doors in your past that need to be shut, such as the door of negative and critical thinking. How about a door of fear of failure because every time you have come close to success, it’s ripped away from you? There is also a door of unforgiveness. It’s been said that bitterness and unforgiveness can split up many marriages and can hack the heart out of many a divorcee. When you shut the door on the negativity of your past, you open the door to your success! Would you be willing to speak the following declaration with me? “I declare that I will no longer give permission for the negativity of my past, whether it is the fear of failure, unforgiveness, or critical thinking, to dictate my present and future. For I am a new creation in Christ, old things have passed away! Behold all things have become new.”