“I wanted to THANK YOU so much for the backpacks filled with school supplies!! We are off to a crazy start of the year this year, unlike any other, that is for sure. But the one FOR SURE was how thrilled the kids were to receive a backpack filled with everything they will need to start online school. The backpack is the place they can organize all of their school work in their “at home” classroom. To be 100% honest, it was a piece of “normal life” for the kids receiving them. Life as they have known it has been anything other than “normal” or “usual” for the start of school this year, but a new backpack filled with all the school supplies they will need was an exciting reminder it is time to start school!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for providing this amazing program, and especially this year providing a piece of normal for the students receiving!!” ~ Sue Skillen, Community Connections Coordinator, Monroe School District
“Thank you so much for all the back to school backpacks and school supplies. Even though kids aren’t all going into a school building, the supplies will be so helpful as they do distance learning. We so appreciate your partnership with us.” ~ Phyllis Viehmann, Olive Crest