Heather Tuininga, Executive Director of SAFE In Washington (Strategic Alliance to Fight Exploitation), sent this to us a few days ago:
“Liberty Road Foundation’s connections have possibly saved a girl’s life.  This week, Tim and Sandy Matts (Executive Directors of Raven Rock Ranch, a LRF nonprofit partner) ended up with a 19-year-old gal who was being trafficked.  Sandy knew about SAFE through LRF and called Steve Esau, LRF Board Member, to ask for advice about what to do.  Steve called me, we triaged, service providers are now involved, and the girl is safe. Her traffickers/pimps don’t know where she is, and her life will be forever changed.  
Tim Matts sent this in an email yesterday updating all of us on her status: ‘She collected all the items she wore and used in a bag and laid them literally at the cross and then we discarded them.’  This is the real deal, and I’m so glad Sandy knew Steve/SAFE through LRF and called us so we could connect the girl to the right services. God is good.  He has likely saved this girl’s life.”