A team organized by April Richter, formerly with NexTitle, has been preparing and serving lunch to approximately 150 of our homeless brothers and sisters in downtown Seattle since July 1st. This was their first experience volunteering after they were prompted by a speech given by our North King County Business & Volunteer
Development Director, Deanna Powell, at a Business and Humanitarian Award Banquet put on by Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals. That night Deanna spoke about the difference between SUCCESS & SIGNIFICANCE, saying, “I am blessed to be
a blessing.” April was in the audience. She later posted on Facebook…..
“Sandwich Sunday! My heart is full and my blessings are many. My cup runneth over. Thank you to my helpers, Tyler and Stephen. Thank you to you, Mark, for always being there to help and support. Thank you to Kristine for inspiring me to make thsandwiches with MoreLove. Thank you to Deanna Powell for pushing me years ago to listen to take that 1st step.”
This team, led by April Richter, also did a Facebook fundraising campaign to raise money for The MORELove Project for Seattle’s homeless (partnered with Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission) which raised $345 in one weekend. In total so far, April and her small group of volunteers have made 900 sandwiches, spent $2100, and volunteered 144 hours…..with no plans to stop. She is an inspiration! This is what happens when the spirit of giving MOVEMENT starts to spread! We are so thrilled to have them as a part of Liberty Road Foundation’s volunteer teams! #blessedtobeablessing
If you’d like to learn how you can volunteer at any of our non-profit partners, contact Deanna Powell at 425-777-6998 deanna@libertyroadfoundation.org in North King County, or Shelley Sullivan 206-707-3335 shelley@libertyroadfoundation.org in South
King County.