Liberty Road Foundation’s 3rd Annual “Spring for the Kids” Fashion Show Luncheon on Thursday, April 20th, at Glendale Country Club was a huge success with 180 in attendance including 24 volunteer models.  Expenses for the event were covered by 8 sponsors so guests paid nothing to attend.  Thank you Debra Bartell, David & Jayne Boker, Edward Jones – Doug Myers, Guild Mortgage CompanyHaight Carpet & InteriorsPuyallup Vision SourceValley Harvest ProductsDeanne DeVries of Windermere Real Estate and PinkaBella Cupcakes.  The luncheon benefited Olive Crest and Raven Rock Ranch, 2 of LRF’s non-profit partners – donors reached deep into their hearts and gave $26,000!!!  The entire amount will be given to the 2 non-profits to help them continue to do the good work they do with at-risk kids!  You can watch the last 8 minutes of the fashion by clicking here.  
Guests were surprised when they received a ticket to win a door prize – a $3,345 Treasure Chest of Girls’ Goodies!  Tami Wilson, an employee of sponsor, Haight Carpet & Interiors, won the Treasure Chest.  Owner, Kristina Haight, shared this story:
“Yesterday at the luncheon, John (Dammarell, Exec. Director of LRF) stopped by our table to greet us.  He was asking if the whole table was from Haight Carpet & Interiors and I answered that most of the ladies were, but we were waiting for one more lady to join us.  I explained that this one lady would be slightly late because she was at her infusion appointment that morning for cancer treatment.  She has a rare and untreatable cancer so her regime consists of essentially starving the cancer by being on an extremely rigid anti-inflammatory diet, and boosting her immune system with weekly infusions and supplements.  John and I talked about my friend’s situation with this cancer, forcing her to live close to the cross and utterly trust Jesus with her prognosis.  She might die next year, but she may live another 20 years, there’s no way to know.
This is the friend who won the drawing yesterday.  She and Mark (Haight) have literally known each other their entire lives.  I wanted to let you and John know, privately, that this gift/drawing could not have been given to a better, kinder, more grateful person than Tami.  There has been so little pampering in her life these last years because it takes all of their discretionary income just to cover her medical needs.  As we all drove home from the luncheon, we were all thrilled knowing that Tami could enjoy this abundance of lovely gifts!  God finds such amazing ways to bless His people!
Yes, dear LRF friends, miracles still happen!  You just have to show up!  Tami did!IMG_0971