Builders Capital in Seattle has been volunteering at our non-profit partner, Matt Talbot Center since 2012, cooking and serving lunch once a month to approximately 40 men and women who are in the free recovery program.

“Volunteering has become part of the fabric of our culture at Builders Capital.  I can’t overstate the value it has had on our organization.  From the monthly lunch events at Matt Talbot Center to the annual Ramp-a-thon event at the Master Builders Association, participating with your co-workers to help others in need is the best form of “team building” I’ve ever been associated with.”  Curt Altig, CEO – Builders Capital 

Volunteering has been a way for me to have some tangible effect on the communities I am allowed to serve in.  It is different than just giving money to a cause.  Don’t get me wrong; giving money to a cause can be very effective at impacting communities.  But when I volunteer, I get to touch the fabric of the community that I impact.  I get to see the faces of those that I am doing this for and it allows me a glimpse into their lives.  It continually amazes me to see both the hope and the grace of those I get to serve.  Robb Kenyon – Builders Capital

Some of us tend to live in a bubble and never get out into other parts of our community, the places that might feel uncomfortable.  But for me, volunteering allows me to immerse myself into the community where they don’t have it as good as I do.  It makes me feel more well rounded, and that I’m actually making a difference in the world.  Louis Howard – Alchemy Real Estate

Led by a team of partners who share an entrepreneurial vision, Builders Capital was started in 2009 to fill a niche for builders and real estate investors to meet the growing need for private financing. Their loans help to create quality housing in our communities. Builders Capital is a growing team passionate about residential real estate. They are mortgage bankers, builders, construction lenders, realtors, and accountants.

This group of volunteers has been a steadfast group and one that cares about those in our community that can benefit from their expertise to get ahead in life! Their service to those in need is a true blessing to so many in our community!!!

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If you’d like to learn how you can volunteer at any of our non-profit partners contact Deanna Powell at 425-777-6998 in North King County, or Lonnetta Cunningham at 253-678-8669 in South King County.

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