A team of friends with AdvoCare has volunteered every month since 2012 at the Matt Talbot
Center, one of LRF’s 7 non-profit partners, preparing and serving lunch to approximately 40 men
and women.
“We primarily serve as a function of trying to walk out and be in action with our weekly bible
study that started around the same time in 2012. I think there have been two great personal
benefits from us serving.
-It give us an opportunity to get “outside of ourselves” for a few hours a month and allows us
to focus on others. It’s amazing how quickly my spirit of gratitude is strengthened every time
I go. I think of all the other people who serve there and the love they have for those who are
hurting without judging. It puts my own problems in perspective and forces me to suck it up
in my life.
-The couple hours a month that we spend together as a group strengthens our bond and helps
sharpen each other. It keeps us accountable to living a life that is above reproach. I used to
be a big partier and I realize that I’m a fallible human being and one stupid decision away
from negatively impacting those that I love and who I’m accountable to.” ~Mike Friedrich
“My daughter was able to join me last time, and it’s great to have her experience it with us.”
~Wayne Johnson
AdvoCare understands what it means to get the business community involved in the
transformation of the lives of those in need. This is not a government issue, this is a community
issue, and we are all in it together! AdvoCare’s mission is to help people become healthier, both
physically and financially, through mentorship and motivation! This is why they incorporate
volunteering as a regular part of their work lives.
For more information about AdvoCare, check out their website at www.AdvoCare.com.
If you’d like to learn how you can volunteer at any of our non-profit partners, contact Deanna
Powell at 425-777-6998 deanna@libertyroadfoundation.org in North King County, or Lonnetta
Cunningham at 253-678-8669 lonetta@libertyroadfoundation.org in South King County.