A Liberty Road Foundation non-profit partner, Raven Rock Ranch, through its instructors and volunteers, rescues and rehabilitates neglected or abused horses and pairs them with at-risk youth transforming the youth and horse in a bond of trust that leads to recovery both mentally and physically for both horse and youth.  Because RRR has not had a covered arena to do this important work in the rainy and winter months, over 100 kids are waitlisted, waiting for their turn to be served.
After 4years of fundraising and a long wait from King County permitting, the arena is completed.  This covered arena will provide the therapist and horse-counselor a sheltered area to work with their child during inclement weather and the months with shorter daylight.  Liberty Road Foundation supporters donated $40,000 toward this arena and in 2014, John F. Buchan Homes donated labor & materials valued at $26,089 for the construction of the roof for the new arena, partnering with Jornada Roofing!  A huge thank you to our many supporters and especially to Heather Dosch, CEO of John F. Buchan Homes, for your generosity!!  This is what we mean when we say, “We make the road by walking it!”
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