“Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

I CorInthians10:31 NASB


How many times in the past have you set goals for the New Year and, for whatever reason, you never succeed in reaching those goals? Let me suggest three things that may help:


  1. Ask yourself if the goal that you are setting or that thing that you want to accomplish will glorify God?
  2. Will that goal you want to accomplish carry with it some significant value to others or is it just about you? For example, when I decided to “run for significance” and help the kids on the street, my running took on a whole new perspective.
  3. Are you willing to make the commitment to be intentional in accomplishing your goals? It’s one thing to have good intentions but it’s quite another thing to be intentional. In other words, you deliberately set out to accomplish the task at hand. Stop saying I’ll get around to it because you know you never will but instead start saying, “I will be intentional about this. No excuses – just do it!”