Cole came to Olive Crest at age four—and he had already witnessed a murder at his young age. He was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and reactive attachment disorder, which can occur when children do not form an attachment with caregivers. Cole screamed, threw things, and kicked in busy public places. He had a hard time sleeping, and was fearful of monsters and bad people.
When Cole’s Olive Crest family took him to sports events, he would kick and scream at the games. An Olive Crest support counselor stepped in to help, even attending the outings. Cole can now go to events with his Olive Crest family without the accompaniment of his counselor, and he is sleeping better. It has taken months of work, and a lot of love, but Cole is moving toward a happier, more enjoyable future.

Each and every day you are partnering with Olive Crest to transform lives through the healing power of family.
For the Children-
Sharon Mooers
Regional Development Director, Western WA