“What has LRF changed in my life?   Brought me closer to God.  Taken away the negative things that were in my life;  God took me out of job I thought I loved, got me into volunteering, took all worries I had away, gave me peace and joy, financially better, made me a better person, a better follower of the word, a better father, a better husband, a better friend, a better boss.  Showed me that I was never alone, that He has been carrying me all my life.  I know all things are possible through Him.  Thanks to God for Vince & Linda Hardy (Guild Mortgage Company Tacoma), who introduced me to LRF, John Dammarell for his leadership, Tacoma Group for welcoming me in.  Most of all God for putting me where he knew I needed to get my life in order by helping others.”    Gerod Byrd