December brought the second annual Christmas party for our new non-profit partner, Raven Rock Ranch. This was loaded with surprises and blessings. Jack Rehse and Jeanne Stilwell, Liberty Road Foundation Founders, and their families chose to support a non-profit for Christmas instead of exchanging gifts.  They selected Raven Rock Ranch and purchased, prepared and served food to over 60 people (last year there were 18).  They cleaned up and even provided the Santa (Jack) and Mrs. Claus (Jeanne) appearance!  Sandy Matts, RRR Founder said, “Jack & Jeanne and their families were simply terrific! We owe them a big debt of gratitude for all of that planning and hard work. The joy that day was shining on everyone’s face. Even the horses were involved.”

lrf christmas 2013

Of course, Santa’s appearance seems somewhat predictable. However, one Mom told Sandy that her adopted son had never been close up to Santa before. When he came to this country, he felt he was “too old” for that experience. But she said it was so much fun for him! Small things, things we take for granted, sometimes turn out to be the most important things.  A huge thanks to Jack and Jeanne and their families for giving back and serving.


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