Happy New Year to you!  We pray that this new year is a year of excellent health, happiness and prosperity for you.

Last year was an exciting year for Liberty Road Foundation.   We made history on three fronts: first, with increased donations for our non–profit partners; second, with an increased number of volunteers; and third, with more business leaders attending our Business Leaders Groups.  Surely God has blessed our labors and strengthened our resolve to continue our journey with even greater zeal and enthusiasm.

In 2014, we look forward to our best year ever as we continue to build bridges between the community and our non-profit partners.  The needs have never been greater.  We believe our work will transform businesses and empower them to rebuild that which has been broken within our communities.  It is thrilling to watch people’s lives transformed for the better as we journey down the Liberty Road Foundation path of significance.

We believe there is unity in community and a sense of belonging when serving together; so this year we plan to focus even more on building relationships among foundation participants whether they be business leaders, non-profit staff members or employees, volunteers, and/or those being served by our non-profits.  An even stronger community is one of our major goals this year; and together, we can make it happen.

The purpose of this letter is to ask for your help in identifying things we can do throughout the foundation, which will help us build this community.  Our goal is to get to know one another more, work together more, pray together more, and build a stronger community of participants.   We believe our Business Leaders Groups allow us to get to know each other on a more personal basis and they are growing and prospering.

We invite you to think about Community, BelongingOneship, and to suggest ways we can grow stronger together.  We look forward to discussing this at future Business Leaders Groups.

Thank you for your participation, involvement and support of Liberty Road Foundation.  We look forward to where GOD will take us this year as we continue our journey together.

GOD bless all of us as we labor together to transform lives.

John Dammarell, Executive Director

Barry Horn, Board President