When Amber came to Olive Crest a year ago, she was failing all her classes with less than a 1.0 GPA. She was getting into fights with teachers and peers, running away, and was eventually kicked off the basketball team-the one activity she enjoyed and looked forward to at school.

Olive Crest Newsletter ImageThanks to the partnership with caring contributors such as you, this June, Amber was the first person in her family to graduate High School.

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She graduated on time with her high school senior class with a 3.8 GPA. Sadly, Amber was unable to find a ride to her own graduation, but the Fund also helped with transportation, allowing her to participate in the ceremonies. No biological family was there to cheer Amber on, but she was excited and comforted by the participation from her Olive Crest family. Amber will even be attending community college in the fall.

There are so many “Amber’s” out there… kids who didn’t deserve to be abused, neglected or forgotten. Won’t you please help us put even one more child on the right track?

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