Ann first heard about Safe Families For Children through her church, about two years ago.  Ann had been seeking to serve and she felt that the program was a good way that she could share her home with others.  With her crazy schedule, the structure of the program fit well.  Since becoming a host family with Safe Families, she has had a couple very different hosting experiences.  Her most recent hosting experience proved to be quite unique in that it lasted 22 hours, due to a change in plans.  Ann was able to connect and serve the two young sisters placed in her care.  The two girls had a hard time falling asleep when they stayed at her house.  Ann started singing to them softly and before she knew it, the girls had fallen fast asleep.  Even after their short time together, the house seemed empty when they left.

Ann speaks highly of the program and how important it is for families and churches to be involved in the work of Safe Families.  It is a community act to serve others.  People get the chance to be the hands and feet of Christ through Safe Families.  Ann has felt so much support by her church, her community, as well as the Safe Families staff when she is hosting kids. Through this program, we are able to come together as a community to support and serve one another.  We are called to be in relationship with one another, not in isolation.  We are not alone, the families in crisis are not alone, and the children are not alone.

By Jocelyn Matics, from an interview with Ann



Olive Crest is looking for volunteers to bless the host families when they open up their homes to children.  These volunteers would use their creative ideas to express how grateful they are through any small token of appreciation.  Examples of this could be baking cookies or sending a card to the family.  We would love to hear about the creative ideas that you have!  Contact Karilyn Dammarell at Liberty Road Foundation at 206.790.1290 or or go to our website calendar for Volunteer Opportunities at