I had always thought of volunteering but never knew where to begin. When first joining Guild Mortgage Company close to 4 years ago, a lovely man by the name of Jack Rehse recruited me to help with the Before School Program cooking and serving breakfast at Jubilee REACH Center. I enjoyed it so much that I started my own group, “TEAM BACON,” with my friends from Hawaii, Wade & Naomi Char, and Guild’s title rep – Patty Parsons.
We have now been doing this once a month for close to 4 years and it has been rewarding in so many ways. It has taught me never to take the little things for granted; for a majority of these children, having a hot cooked breakfast which included bacon was a luxury and so important to the start of their day. Our menu has also evolved with the new health conscious movement to reduce their sugar intake.
The kids are so appreciative and it has been so satisfying to build relationships and watch them grow up year after year. My favorite is Lucas, who had these really big glasses when he was a 2nd grader, but now is a “cool” 4th grader with contacts and a new slick haircut. I have also involved my women’s golf club at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge. They have donated a portion of their annual proceeds from their raffle to Jubilee REACH Center for the past few years.
I am so proud to be affiliated with Liberty Road Foundation and Jubilee REACH Center and invite you to “find your fit” with one of Liberty Road Foundation’s excellent Non-Profit Partners!!!

Jamie Morishige
Guild Mortgage Company
NW Regional Operations Manager