LRF has a new re-designed website with a great blog that we want to utilize along with Facebook to “tell our story”.  Because you are an integral part of Liberty Road Foundation in one way or another, either through your volunteering with our non-profit partners, perhaps you’re a LRF Founder contributing financially every month, or you come to our Business Leaders Groups, we would like YOU to be able to tell your story.

Please email Karilyn at with the following:

1.  Your story in 500-1000 words:  You may include:

Your full name and your company’s name.  How long have you been volunteering?  What are you doing to volunteer?  How often?  An experience you’ve had while volunteering.  How has volunteering impacted you?  What does being involved with LRF mean to you?   How has volunteering impacted your business?  What does it mean to be a Founder?

2.  A head shot of YOU

3.  Your company logo

For your information, today LRF has about 500 Fans on Facebook.  By posting your story on our Blog ( and on Facebook, we will reach over 300,000 Friends of our Fans!  Not a FAN of LRF on Facebook yet – please visit our page and become a FAN!

Please let us tell your story to share with thousands of people who have never heard about LRF.  Email these 3 items to Karilyn at

Thank you for supporting us.  We appreciate you and know you have touched so very many lives.