The contributions from Liberty Road Foundation have generously supported the missions of many worthy organizations that serve the Pacific Northwest Community. Our mission is to mobilize the people and resources of our local business community by forming partnerships with agencies that transform all who are involved in the process of making a difference for families in need. We are tremendously grateful to our donors this year for making it possible for us to support the worthy missions of our partner organizations below.

New Horizons Ministries Receives $12,000

new horizons ministries

Executive Director Mary Steele of New Horizons Ministries receives a $12,000 contribution from Liberty Road

New Horizons Ministries has been serving on the streets of Seattle since 1978 and was first founded in response to the growing problems of youth involved in street activity in downtown Seattle. These youth confront daunting physical, social, emotional, developmental and spiritual challenges. Unfortunately, our young people who live on streets simply don’t look towards their future because they’re focused on daily survival. It becomes increasingly difficult for them to imagine their life anywhere other than on the streets. By following Jesus’ example, New Horizons Ministries endeavors to provide resources, hope and encouragement to those youth beginning a new life off the streets. Their ministry is proud to have helped 1,700 people in the last year to make lasting life changes.

Urban Impact Receives $10,000

urban impact

Steve Bury, Executive Director of Urban Impact, receives a check for $10K from Liberty Road Foundation

Urban Impact works to close the significant gaps in education, healthcare and economic opportunity that exist in the Rainier Valley and Seattle Metro area. They work to foster “life -changing relationships” and address the disparities and hopelessness of families in poverty. Urban Impact is a Christian, multi-ethnic group, striving to break the cycle of social, material and spiritual poverty in urban neighborhoods. We believe communities are strengthened when families are connected, resources are generated, and local assets are celebrated!

Jubilee REACH Center Receives $20,000

jubilee reach center

Brent Christie, Executive Director of Jubilee REACH Center, receives a $20K contribution from Liberty Road Foundation

Jubilee REACH Center serves the heart of Bellevue’s most diverse neighborhood by providing resources to enrich education, support local youth and build stable families. Through building bridges and removing barriers, Jubilee REACH Center gives its community a hand up rather than a hand out. It has been said, “Someone to tell it to is one of the fundamental needs of human beings.” When you love, listen and truly care, you make a lasting impact on a life. Jubilee REACH Center provides opportunities to experience caring community.

Matt Talbot Center Receives $20,000

matt  talbot center

Executive Director Gregg Alex accepts a check for $20K on behalf of the Matt Talbot Center

 Matt Talbot Center was founded as a place to bring hope, healing and restoration for the addicted, homeless and mentally ill residents of Seattle. They work with families to create self-sufficiency and overcome the disabilities that hinder it. Their mission is to help restore participants to healthy lives, and to encourage them to take responsibility for their actions and family obligations. MTC treats adult “members” holistically, recognizing that each of them has individual needs for physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Agros International Receives $7,000

agros international

Executive Director Don Manning of Agros International receives a contribution of $7K from Liberty Road

Agros International has served poor families from rural Mexico and Central America to escape the cycle of poverty for the last 30 years. Agros helps families to purchase their own land by acting as a lender and supporting them in applying sustainable agricultural practices. They also works to restore the mental, physical and spiritual brokenness of the people they serve.

Olive Crest Receives $11,000

olive crest

Sharon Mooers, Regional Development Director for Olive Crest, accepts a check for $11K

Dedicated to preventing child abuse, Olive Crest has been preserving families through treating and educating at-risk children. Olive Crest provides safe homes, counseling and education for youth and their parents. They are proud to have transformed the lives of more than 60,000 abused, neglected and at-risk children.

So, do you want to play a larger role in helping our local families meet the many challenges they face? To find out about volunteer opportunities, feel free to contact us by email to see how we can put your experience to work  Should you wish to make a donation to Liberty Road Foundation, we accept contributions by mail and online including programs for corporate matching funds and memorial gifts. Visit Liberty Road Foundation’s website at or by phone at 206-790-1290.