New Baby Basket:  Swaddling blankets, handmade toys, pacifier, oil, lotion, shampoo, onesies, piggy bank, picture frame, all in a baby tub.

Deck the Halls Christmas Basket:  Tinsel, garlands, candy cakes, fruitcake, Christmas-themed cookie cutters, Advent calendar, Hickory Farms style edibles, wrapping paper and ribbon.

Pirates of the Caribbean Basket:  Bag of Pirate Booty, chocolate gold coins, a model ship kit, and a DVD of the movie.

Halloween Basket:  Anything Halloween.

Baker’s Dozen:  Cookbook, measuring spoons, cups, baking mixes for cakes, brownies, pancakes, pie crust, pie fillings, rolling pin, glass pie pan, cookie cutters, mitts

Beach Blanket Bingo:  Colorful towels, plastic pail, shovels, beach ball, umbrella, cooler, Frisbee, radio, sun block, and funky sunglasses.

Rainy Day Survival:  Puzzles, board games, deck of cards, Mad Libs, popcorn, ingredients to make s’mores, classic books and movies.

Gardening Basket:  Large pot for basket, garden gloves, tools, apron, seeds, spray can, fertilizer, soaker hose, sprinkler.

Camping Basket: Flashlights, tent, compass, local area hiking guide, lantern, cook stove, outdoor cooking pot and utensils, lantern, camping foods, and gift certificate for outdoor recreation store for sleeping bags.

Tea Party:  A variety of teas, biscuits, petit fours or tiny cakes, tea set with cups and teapot.

Julie and Julia Basket:  High end cooking dishes, Julie Child cookbooks and DVDs of her show, the book and movie Julie and Julia, and a French cooking class for the winning bidder and friends.

Emergency Readiness Kit:  First-aid kit, bottled water, transistor radio with batteries, flashlight, matches, lightweight blanket, dried or freeze-dried food.

Ultimate Fan Basket:  Team jersey, team hat, tickets, peanuts, Cracker Jacks, binoculars, heat pads, banner, team flag for car, game tickets.

Learn to Knit Basket:  Knitting needles, yarn, pattern books, knitting magazine subscription, completed scarf, knitting class for winning bidder and friends with local knitting guru.

Pets:  Bed treats, toys, leash, water dish, shampoo, flea control.

Disney:  Movies, theme character(s) books

Car Care:  Car wash/wax, flares, wash bucket, RainX.

Do-It-Yourself:  Hammer, nails/screws, screwdrivers, pliers, how-to books, Home Depot gift card.

Home Alone:  Cards, puzzle book, jigsaw puzzle, pencil, paperback, Home Alone movie/DVD.

Popcorn:  Varieties of corn, flavors, cheese, bowls.

Favorite Dish:  Recipe, ingredients and pan to prepare/serve.

Pamper Yourself:  Bath salts, soaps, bubble bath, candles, potpourri/container, music DVD to soak by, spa gift card.

Barbecue:  Tools, platter, recipe, napkins, plates, spices, BBQ sauces, marinades, glove.

Picnic:  Basket, gourmet foods, dishes, wine.

Stationery:  Ribbon, tape, bows, paper, gift bags, scissors, pens, stamps, paper, wax seal, address book, cards, rubber stamps.

Golden Oldies Memoribilia (50s 60s 70s):  Records, pictures, books, clothes.

Fishing:  Tackle box, flies, fish scales, hook remover, pliers, knife, “Brag Journal”.

Nursery Rhymes:  Books, toys, stuffed figures.

Red, White and Blue:  All American stuff.

Birthday Party:  Plates, hats, invitations, party favors, balloons, decorations.

Sewing Basket:  Scissors, measuring tape, pins/cushion, marking paper.

Artist:  Brushes, paints, canvas, watercolors.

Couch Potato:  Pillow, chair arm organizer, popcorn, bowl, cokes, beer, remote control.

Cake Decorating:  Pans, tips, icing bags, books, apron, colors.

Organizer:  Pens/pencils, Day-Timer, calendar, stapler/puller, tape, paper clips.

Washington Wines and Cheeses

Wines and Chocolates

Travel:  Travel books from countries, maps, diary, film, photo album, disposable camera.