I just wanted to give an “Atta Way” to Lorrie for the incredible job she did in putting together the breakfast at Highland for the students before the MSP Testing 3 days this week. Liberty Road was there today serving with smiles and encouraging the kids before the test. Jesse C. was telling the kids “the answers to the test were in the syrup”. I think he may have been right because my energy level went way up after his 16 ounces of syrup he put on my waffles. : ) : ( … Also, thanks to Jonathan and Carlos helping serve this week. I was glad I got to see it in action today while passing out forks (not trying to receive accolades here for my fork passing out skills) the true accolades go to Lorrie! Thanks Lorrie and “Atta Way” Clap Clap!

Tim Kuykendall

Club Jubilee Sports Commissioner