Meet our team


Cami Brecto

South sound business & volunteer development director

Cami Brecto serves Liberty Road Foundation through Business and Volunteer Development. Cami will work with business leaders, community members and volunteers in the South Sound to support the many opportunities to transform lives through Liberty Road Foundation and its non-profit partnerships.

Although Cami has years of experience life coaching, she became a certified life coach and founded Innovate Coaching in January of 2021. Cami’s mission is to love God, love people, live generously and with no regrets, and inspire others to do the same.

She used to think her story was boring. A common theme is that she gets to choose faith and find peace and growth through uncomfortable circumstances. She had to evaluate disrupted plans, pivot, and learn to dream again. Through it all, she made the very real choice to live as honestly and lovingly as possible with integrity and with no regrets.

As a life coach, she focuses on helping people understand their identity in Christ and what they can be confident in. In her opinion, the notion of balance can sometimes be idolized because it is momentary, before an area of life draws more focus than all the rest. She is passionate about helping people create and reach healthy goals in all areas of life and focus on sustainable PEACE instead of idolizing balance. 

A dream of hers is to create a ranch where people can have growth opportunities and gain tools to become healthy in mind, body, and spirit.  She has led local non-profits, mentored teenagers and volunteers, helped small-business owners, and grown international non-profits.  She’s thrilled to partner with LRF and serve the South Sound!