Core Values

Reverence for each person… We believe that the value of each person is immeasurable.
Commitment to those who are poor… We give priority to those with the greatest need.
Community… We demonstrate our connectedness to each other through inclusive compassionate and accountable relationships.
Justice… We advocate for a society in which all realize their full potential, and achieve the common good.
Stewardship… We care for and strengthen the ministry and all resources entrusted to us.
Courage… We dare to help those in need, eve in the shadow of danger.
Integrity… We are faithful to who we say we are.

At LRF, our approach is to:

  • Emphasize the importance of businesses mobilizing people and resources to build communities of hope.
  • Focus on community development and vocational programs, helping people break the cycle of poverty and dysfunction.
  • Focus on critical needs for transformation.