The Covid-19 Pandemic has made all of us change the way we do things, everything from business meetings to schooling our children.  Volunteering with Liberty Road Foundation has also seen a few changes, but it hasn’t slowed down for several groups that have found new and creative ways to give back during this most important time!

Lisa Pearce and her volunteer team from Guild Mortgage in Bellevue have regularly served lunch at the Matt Talbot Center every month, buying the food, preparing it in the MTC kitchen, and serving it to the people to live and attend classes there.  Since March 2020, they started packing sack lunches at their office and delivered them to the members at Matt Talbot Center without skipping a beat!  This has been such a huge gift for everyone, and a true example of what we do at Liberty Road Foundation.

Heaton Wrenn of Banner Bank and his volunteer team from the Kiwanis Club have been serving breakfast at Jubilee REACH Center in Bellevue for many years, and since March 2020 they have been volunteering for the food bank program giving thousands of pounds of food to the needy families in the Lake Hills area of Bellevue.  They TOO have not skipped a beat, and plan to start back up serving breakfast to the kids as soon as Jubilee REACH starts the breakfast program back up in a couple of months.

Wayne Johnson of RiseChampions Solutions and his volunteer team of guys have served “Taco Tuesdays” at the Matt Talbot Center for several years, and since March 2020 they started ordering a taco delivery through Doordash/Grubhub to the center every month so the members there still get to have their Taco Tuesday!  What a great idea and so easy….and another way to show the members there how much RiseChampions Solutions team cares about them!

Zach McDonald and Rachel Bradshaw with Real Property Associates started serving at Matt Talbot Center this year just before the pandemic hit, and had just gotten their “feet wet” when they had to get creative with their serving…so they decided to order sandwiches to be delivered to MTC every month using a food delivery service as well.  It has been a true gift to see the members at Matt Talbot Center loved on in this way from the people in the professional community!

Several others including Ron Harris, President of Valley Harvest Products, and Debbie Bartell (retired) have taken the time to buy groceries and take them to Matt Talbot Center and New Horizons to make sure there is enough food to feed the people who rely on their services.  We cannot thank all of these people enough for going out of their way (and out of their comfort zone) to find a different way to keep serving!

If you’d like to learn how you can volunteer at any of our non-profit partners contact Deanna Powell at 425-777-6998 in North King County, and contact Lori Marsh 253-576-1094, in South King County.