Liberty Road Foundation has partnered with SAFE for the 3rd Annual “Do What you Love to Fight What You Hate” campaign! All participants are stretching themselves doing something they love to fight what they hate: sexual exploitation happening in our communities.  They are sacrificing their time, their efforts, and their energies to help stop sex trafficking and forced prostitution.
We would love for you to join the fight by sponsoring one of the participants.  Your support will help get victims out of the horrific life, and bring them hope and a healthy future! Every dollar brings freedom!
If you don’t know someone who is participating, LRF Executive Director,

John Dammarell, is running 100 miles and doing 3,000 pushups in 30 days to support the campaign. You can sponsor him with your donation to LRF at – it’s 100% tax deductible. And, 100% of the donations made will be disbursed to SAFE.
Any questions? Please call or email Karilyn Dammarell at LRF – 206 790-1290 or . Thank you for your support!