A Liberty Road Foundation “Founder” is an individual or business that has committed to making a monthly donation to LRF.  One such Founder recently sent the email below:  

Hi Karilyn,

Just wanted to follow up and tell you that God has blessed me with some new business today.  Who knows?  It could be because I gave more than I was comfortable giving yesterday.

I’ve been contacted by a property management company, which is right in my sweet spot for representing landlords.  It’s one case and one contact that will lead to more.

Thank you for being so nice yesterday (and always).  I wanted you to know that God blessed me after I blessed his servants LRF and Jubilee Reach.

Brian C. Read

Law Office of Brian C. Read, PLLC

3721 Colby Avenue

Everett, WA 98201

(206) 356-3357 phone

(206) 299-3105 fax


If you are interested in becoming a Founder and supporting LRF’s mission financially , please contact Karilyn Dammarell at 206.790.1290 or karilyn@libertyroadfoundation.org.  Click HERE to see who our Founders are.