Two breakfasts ago at Jubilee Reach Center, my wife Lisa was chatting with one of the full-time volunteers who mentioned how badly they would love to have a dishwasher there instead of the sanitizer.


My wife works in residential property management (BRE Properties) and made a few calls that day to see if there was anything available at any of their properties that could be parted with.  Just so happened, that she found one that was being pulled for renovations.


During our most recent visit last week, we were able to surprise them with a dishwasher… and someone to install it right then and there.  One of the volunteers was so grateful, I thought she was going to cry.


It doesn’t take much to listen to the needs of others.  And it also doesn’t take much to pick up the phone and make a few calls.  But… something small like a phone call, produced a big help for our friends at Jubilee.

Jamie Meade
Focus3 Promotions